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Thank you for visiting! This blog page is currently under construction; but wanted to fill you in on what is happening in my world; though I am still in Wireless Training to be Certified, topics on this page will include all of my past work experience and knowledge of these areas.

And here are some pics of work I have done:


With a WatchGuard wireless appliance, it takes just minutes to set up a secure guest wireless hotspot. Learn how to provide customers and guests with full wireless internet connectivity, while still considering corporate web and data security.

Additional Resources:

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**What this page is about – My Wireless World

As the title proclaims. Wireless Security! Here are a few bullets of wireless architectures that I have deployed in many different size organizations and situations as well in lab environments; I will also post various comments on the most current wireless security protections that I am able to get my hands on. 

Wireless Architectures:

 ***Diagrams and tech specs are being sanitized. Check back soon!

TekRADIUS - RADIUS Server for Windows.

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