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Anonymous launches it’s own OS?

The hacking group Anonymous may or may not have launched its very own operating system.

Dubbed Anonymous OS Live, the operating system, which is available as a free download on Sourceforge, is based on the Ubuntu version of Linux. According to a description on the Sourceforge page, the operating system is designed for “educational purposes” and can also be used to check “the security of Web pages.”

Azərbaycan: Ubuntu-nun rəsmi loqosu. Deutsch: ...

The people behind the software have set up a Tumblr page providing news and updates on the software. Those folks yesterday announced that the OS had been downloaded over 4,600 times.

What’s not immediately clear is just who it is behind the operating system. Anonymous has no central hierarchy, and in many cases, parts of the group break off from the main sector to engage in their own activities. In other words, there is no easy way to know if this operating system has been endorsed by the whole group, or is the brainchild of just a few members.

Ream more here:;txt

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