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Six Most Dangerous Security Threats Coming out of RSA 2012

At the RSA conference in San Francisco, in the best attended of all 220 track sessions, the nation’s top penetration testing and incident handling expert, Ed Skoudis, and the director of the Internet Storm Center, Johannes Ullrich, discussed the six most dangerous new attack vectors that they saw being used in 2011 and also what has begun to emerge in 2012.

The Australian journalist who wrote this article did an extraordinary job of summarizing the presentation accurately and with enough fidelity to make you feel as if you had been there.

The six most dangerous infosec attacks

The most popular track session of RSA San Francisco for the past five years was again packed to the rafters.

Hundreds of delegates poured in to see the vivacious Ed Skoudis andJoannes Ullrich discuss the six most dangerous IT security threats of 2011 and to hear what to expect in the year ahead.

Skoudis, founder of Counter Hack Challenges and an incident responder for large organisations, kicked off the session at the 2012 RSA conference last week with three of the top security threats and how to defend against them.

Read about the six most dangerous attack here:,the-six-most-dangerous-infosec-attacks.aspx

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