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Cracked CAPTCHAs and lost ISS codes

Too short for news, too good to lose; Lost+Found is a round up of useful security news. Today: cracking video CAPTCHAs, control codes for the International Space Station, a new version of the Network Security Toolkit and live chat banking malware.

  • Unencrypted command codes used to control the International Space Station (IIS) were on a laptop stolen from NASA in March 2011 according to recently released written testimony by NASA Inspector General Paul K. Martin. Other lost or stolen notebooks and mobile devices – 48 in total between April 2009 and April 2011 – contained employee Social Security numbers and sensitive data on NASA’s Constellation and Orion programs. Martin also noted that, while a 2010 report showed that the Government-wide encryption rate of these types of devices was 54% in 2010, as of 1 February 2012 only one per cent of NASA’s portable devices have been encrypted.

More on th H-Online here:

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