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RSA Conference 2012: On the Agenda

This is the first RSA Conference since 2011’s high-profile security breaches. How did those incidents influence this year’s agenda? Hugh Thompson explains in an exclusive event preview.

By any account, 2011 was a banner year for prominent information security attacks.

“We’ve seen the rise of hactivism; we’ve seen just a huge amount of these highly-targeted, sophisticated attacks,” says Thompson, RSA Conference’s program committee chair. And these incidents have fundamentally influenced the conference agenda.

“If you look at many of the breaches over the past 12 months, most of them ended with some type of sensitive data leaving the enterprise,” Thompson says. “But it’s interesting to look at how many of [the incidents] began. A lot of them began with a person – a smart, well-intentioned person inside the company, making a choice. And the choice was either to install an executable, open a file, and I think you’ll see that play out in a fascinating way in this year’s agenda. We’ve got quite a few talks on the human element of security.”

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