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Qualys: Going Public with IPO?

Vulnerability assessment and management company Qualys has announced plans for an IPO later this year.

In a recent article posted on Network World,  Qualys; a security firm specializing in vulnerability scanning and assessment says they are ready to go public. Based on my experience with the product I would have to agree that this would be a good decision. Regarding the fact that I have used, and currently using Qualys on a contract position, many hours have been spent using and abusing these appliance(s). I have witnessed first hand the ways the scanning engines have morphed into a dependable tool with low false positives. Offering more asset control to the administrator than in recent years, and the overall performance issues that have been handled through it’s generations have made this product ready for prime time. Apparently I am not the only one who thinks so – with over 5,000 appliances currently running on production environments world wide.


“‘We are ready,’ says Qualys CEO Philippe Courtot,” writes Network World’s Ellen Messmer. “He says the company, which he founded in 1999, has achieved profitability and is increasing revenues.”

“Courtot says the company did about $76 million in revenue last year, showing profitability, and expects to see revenues grow to $94 million this year,” Messmer writes. “Its variety of products, and scanning and compliance services, have become widely used by about 5,000 organizations around the world.”

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