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Love and Security: Microsoft Sends us Both

Happy Patch Day

Instead of giving you the same breakdown of the recent critical fixes I have decided to go a different route. NSIT has compiled a list of websites that discuss the vulnerabilities in depth. Microsoft has release fixes for some critical exploits, know what they are is just half of what you need to know. How applying these updates affects your current environment is critical. Read On and keep patching!!

Microsoft’s Security Website

CIO Today:

Andrew Storms, director of security operations at nCircle, quipped that IT security teams are not getting any candy hearts from Microsoft for Patch Tuesday. Instead, every version of Internet Explorer gets a security update. Another analyst pointed to the HTML Layout and GDI Access Violation vulnerabilities as particularly important patches.

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CSO Blogs:

English: Windows Internet Explorer 9 wordmark

Microsoft has just released its February 2012 security updates. Here’s some analysis from the folks at Symantec, McAfee and Qualys.

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Microsoft will be offering fixes for a wide range of flaws affecting the company’s Internet Explorer (IE) web browser, every version of its Windows operating system (OS), as well as Microsoft Office.

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