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Mobile Tech plays key role in Super Bowl ads:

Mobile highlights in Super Bowl commercials

Football was the main attraction during yesterday’s Super Bowl XLVI, but the commercials in between the plays also captured many viewers’ attention. The mobile industry was front-and-center during many of those commercials as it attempted to get some Super Bowl attention with a range of mobile-focused ads and technologies. It’s no real surprise that advertisers are keen to tap into users’ mobile interests; nearly 40 percent of respondents used mobile devices in response to TV ads during the game, according to mobile ad network provider InMobi, and 45 percent estimated that they would spend 30 minutes or more on their mobile devices during the game.

Super Bowl XLVI

Another major step forward in the mobile technology trend came from website vendor GoDaddy, which displayed a QR code during the entire duration of its cloud-focused Super Bowl commercial.Perhaps the best example of the mobile trend during the Super Bowl came from Best Buy, which is working to expand sales of mobile phones and smartphones through its retail locations. The company used its 30 seconds of Super Bowl glory to showcase mobile innovators–including  Instagram founder Kevin Systrom and Shazam creators Chris Barton and Avery Wang–in an effort to highlight the continued advances in mobile technology. The unspoken point, presumably, is that Best Buy is aware of trends in mobile technology and is well suited to help shoppers determine which phone to buy.

 Mobile Innovators

But Super Bowl ads weren’t the only place where mobile shined. The game was available on Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ) phones through its NFL Mobile app. And for those not on Verizon, the NFL itself created the free Super Bowl XLVI Guide app for viewers to obtain information on the game’s teams and players. There’s even a $1.99 app for iOS devices that allows users to view Super Bowl commercials and share them with friends.

Doritos made use of a Siri sound-alike

Football (Chase QuickPay)


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  1. The mobile device has played the key role in people life. The people can not live without the mobile device in single minute which show the effect of the mobile device on the mankind. For that several business now target to this for advertising their products.

    February 8, 2012 at 7:40 AM

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