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Massachusetts Data Protection Law to Include Third Parties as of March 1

As of March 1, 2012, all companies that retain and store data about
Massachusetts residents must be able to demonstrate that they and all

English: Seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

their contractors and other third party partners comply with the state’s data breach law. The law took effect on March 1, 2010, but the portions of compliance requirements were phased in. The last part, third-party
compliance, is what is taking effect just over a month from now. There

will need to be language in the contracts with third parties requiring
them to take reasonable steps to protect the information. Companies will
not be required to audit third-party partners for compliance, but it is
recommended that their contracts specify they reserve the right to
conduct an audit if they choose. The contract language also needs to
specify that the third-party will notify the companies immediately in
the event of a breach and destroy or return data when the contract is
terminated. The law applies to all companies that store data of
Massachusetts residents, whether or not that company is based in the
state. The law was scheduled to take effect in January 2009, but the
deadline has been extended twice.


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