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Aruba Brings Wi-Fi to Wall Plates

The typical Wi-Fi deployment today involves access points deployed in hallways or rooms as standalone boxes. As the move towards pervasive wireless access grows, so too have the demands on wireless infrastructure. That’s where Aruba Networks(NASDAQ:ARUN) is aiming to fill a gap with a new wall mountable access point.

Setting up a Wi-Fi connection

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The AP-93H is a 2×2 MIMO 802.11n access point that can be installed on a standard wall mount for wired Ethernet access. The AP-93H has a gigabit uplink port for high-speed connectivity to the wired network for access. The access point is a dual band radio operating in either the 2.4 Ghz or the 5 Ghz ranges. On the software side the device includes the Linux-powered Aruba OS 

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