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802.11ad isn’t a replacement for regular old Wi-Fi

Wilocity is one of the most vocal proponents of the 802.11ad standard, which is being pushed by the Wireless Gigabit Alliance, dubbed WiGig. Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM), Nokia (NYSE:NOK), Samsung, Nvidia and others are members of the WiGig Alliance, which is working with the IEEE to standardize 802.11ad. The standard promises to transmit data at up to 7 Gbps over short distances in the 60 GHzband (so it would work within a room, but due to the spectrum band signals likely wouldn’t pass through walls).

Wi-Fi Signal logo

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Wilocity’s Tamir explained that 802.11ad isn’t a replacement for regular old Wi-Fi, but is instead a transmission standard intended to wirelessly connect electronics components. Specifically, he said the technology could allow users to carry one computing device like a tablet or phone and connect that device to components including storage drives, external monitors and keyboards. Due to the transmission speeds supported by 802.11ad, devices like phones could potentially store HD movies and then wirelessly display them on big-screen TVs–all without cables.

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