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Will Microsoft’s WiFi-NC set new network standard?

Will Microsoft’s WiFiNC set new network standard?

This was about the time it was reported that Microsoft wanted “to rule the white spaces” and Microsoft Research presented “SenseLess, a database driven white spaces network.” That system was able to tell wireless deviceswhere there were

Image representing Microsoft as depicted in Cr...

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available white spaces and if it would be legal to broadcast. Well now Microsoft has Wi-Fi over narrow channels, dubbed WiFi-NC which could operate at fast speeds. WiFi-NC would bundle multiple narrow signals to create bandwidth and, like the fastest Wi-Fi networks, be able to transmit data up to a gigabit per second in those white spaces.

“Not only would such new devices allow Wi-Fi suppliers and users to take advantage of the additional bandwidth, but moving to such a new system wouldn’t necessitate throwing out current hardware, as the reception and transmission logic would remain the same. Moving to such a new standard, Microsoft argues, would be both fair and efficient, allowing everyone access to more bandwidth, which is always a concern as more and more devices come to rely on Wi-Fi hardware and software solutions for moving data,” reported Physorg.





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