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Biggest Wireless Threat….. The Admins?

Biggest Wireless Threat….. The Admins?

I was reading an archived article on WServerNews and the title intrigued me; How to sabotage your wireless network? This article is from the June 2011 issue, so I am not that far behind on a comment am I?

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Anyways, this article proves some good points for anyone thinking of ever administrating and or allowing a wireless network into their organizations or homes. And it may make some of you currently managing wireless networks realize you may in a bit over your head.

In my experience yes I have administered wireless networks just like the article proclaims, sloppy and just giving access. But after training and real-life experience, I realize I was very vulnerable and wrong in those situations, you must know the ins and outs of wireless frequencies, bands, channels, protocols, and security in order to successfully build, deploy, administer, and secure a wireless network.

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Please read and enjoy the article:

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