Information Security all in one place!

Are you a home user infected with malware? Here are some free to use and download tools that are highly rated by professionals in the field.

Top must have tools to have on your home computer or laptop to make sure your computer is running smooth and without infection:

AntiVirus software:

1. AVG Free 2012 Edition:
2. Avira AntVirus:
3. Microsoft Security Essentials:

AntiMalware: Not realtime scanners unless you pay. Which means you run them proactively on your own anytime you want.

1. Malwarebytes:
2. SuperAntiSpyware:
3. BOClean:

Personal Client Firewalls: Windows OSs come with a personal firewall but lacks some good features. Here are a few that offer some spice.
1. SoftPerfect Personal Firewall:
2. Online Armor:
3. ZoneAlarm Personal Firewall:

More security tools will become available as I test them. Recommending top-rated products is a must.

One thing to remember. Only install ONE antivirus product. Installing multiple products will harm your PC or Laptop by slowing its performance because of the real-time monitoring conflicting with each other.

Happy Computing and stay aware. Knowledge is the best Security.

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